Nearly There, Graduation

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After five and a half years of changing my major and retaking classes, I am more than ecstatic to announce that this semester is the last semester of my undergraduate university career! As much as I love The University of Nevada, Las Vegas and all it has offered me during my time here, I am unbelievably happy to finally be (almost) done!

Nearly There, Graduation | The Golden Lining

During my time at UNLV I have joined a sorority: Sigma Sigma Sigma, made a ton of friends both in and out of Greek life, learned how to shot-gun a beer and take several tequila shots like a champ, learned that management is the number one reason for high turnover in the workplace and I learned group projects are in fact a reality in the adult world and there really is no way of really escaping them.

Nearly There, Graduation | The Golden Lining
Nearly There, Graduation | The Golden Lining

Although my time at UNLV has been  prolonged, I find myself experiencing a bittersweet feeling while writing this post. School is really the only thing I have ever known. It has become so routine that real world only seemed like a fantasy. Graduating means I am expected to actually adult. I think my transition from college student to college graduate will be a smooth one because I have been working since my senior year of high school, except now I will be working for longer periods at a time… and almost every single day..

Instead of wishing May 12th (aka, graduation) would come faster, I will cherish every moment I can of my last semester. I will focus on the relationships I build at UNLV, and I will make sure a piece of me is left there so I can come back and remember all the fun I have had and everything the professors and students of this university have taught me.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to make my last semester even better, please leave them below!

Cheers to senior year and my last semester!

Until next time,

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