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Welcome or welcome back! If you checked out my recent post about Chicago, you only got a glimpse of my weekend as a first-time solo traveller. Although I didn’t see everything I wanted to in the short weekend that I was in Chi-town, I think you’ll enjoy this list of my favorite places I’ve visited and hope to visit soon!

This post is not sponsored. It is also in no particular order. 

There is so much to do in Chicago! From seeing The Bean, to eating deep dish pizza, and even to standing above the city itself! Take a look at my Top 10 favorite Chicagoan things!

1. The Hampton Social

With nautical vibes, The Hampton Social wins my heart for the cutest restaurant ever. The vibes are intimate inside with dark lighting and bright furniture. It is definitely the place to be for lounging and participating in happy hour. If you go, be sure to try their rosé and gourmet pizzas. Also, did you even go to The Hampton Social if you didn’t get a picture with the Rosé all day neon sign?




2. The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago was by far one of my favorite museums from my trip! It is located more central Chicago while the others are more south. I loved this museum because of the exhibits it had to offer. Many of them were interactive, and then you had your classic Monets. It is definitely a must if you go to Chicago.




3. Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

There are two top pizza joints in Chicago, from what I’ve heard, and I only went to one of them. Lou’s (often competing against Giordano’s for the best deep dish pizza), was actually an experience in itself. I willingly gave my deep dish pizza virginity to Malnati’s Pizzeria, and I do not regret a bit of it. Luckily for me, they had a personal sized deep dish, which I was still unable to finish.

4. Bombobar

Thank the Foodie Gods for allowing me to discover this gem in West Loop Chicago. Bombobar was by far one of my favorite foodie places (even though I didn’t finish that, either). If you have a sweet tooth, you will adore Bombobar. And it is totally Instagrammable, too.


5. Au Cheval

If you like brunching or amazing food in general, you will love Au Cheval, also located in West Loop. Note: The wait is LONG so get their early to be put on the list. I waited at Bombobar (dessert before dinner, I know), but the wait was sooo worth it! See for yourself below.

Au Cheval in Chicago, IL. Photo by Kevin J. Miyazaki/PLATE

Photos from Au Cheval website.

6. Revival Food Hall

Food halls are by far one of my favorite things ever invented. In short, they are a bunch of restaurants or even different types of themed cuisine in several booths in one communal area. Normally they are a little cheaper in price, but this was not the case. Regardless, the food was to die for! Revival Food Hall showcases the best restaurants of Chicago all in one place, which is why it’s on this list.


7. Cloud Gate

No trip to Chicago is every complete without visiting Cloud Gate, more popularly known as The Bean. It was a cold and cloudy day when I went, but it was still so beautiful! If you do happen to go in the wintertime, definitely check out the ice skating rink just across the way.




8. Willis Tower

This was one thing that I missed when I went, but I 100% recommend checking out Willis Tower when you visit Chicago. From what I have heard, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world! See for yourself here.

9. Lincoln Park Conservatory

My cousin recommended this conservatory to me and here I am recommending it to you! I loved visiting the conservatory and seeing the different kinds of plants and flowers arranged inside of it. It was quiet and peaceful and it was the perfect amount of calm after the adventurous weekend I had. Visit it if you have the chance!


10. Chicago Dogs –– Literally Anywhere

Initially, I was skeptical about Chicago Dogs just because of how busy they are. Also, relish, onions, tomatoes, etc on a hotdog? It can be overwhelming. Regardless, I wasn’t leaving Chicago without trying the city’s staple hotdog. You have to try it at least once when you’re there. Tip: Don’t EVER ask for ketchup for you hotdog!


There you have it! My Top 10 to visit and dine in Chicago! I would love to hear about the places you have visited in Chicago in the comments below. If you’ve never been or are going, let me know what you’re most excited for!

Until next time,

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