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Many people are dependent of others in terms of their every day or recreational activities. For example, you go to the movies with your friends, you go shopping with friends.. Basically, there is always someone there, but what if there wasn’t?

Table for One | Why Eating Alone is Okay - The Golden Lining

One day a couple of years back, was supposed to grab lunch with this boy, so we made plans to meet at noon at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. When noon came around, he never contacted me. Well, I am not one to wait around, especially not for a guy, and I had things to do before work.

I ended up going to the mall to buy snail mail for my best friend. That’s when I heard my tummy rumble. I went to California Pizza Kitchen and ordered a table for one.

Normally I would never do that. I would get a snack and eat it in my car for the fear of being judged by strangers. Why is she eating alone? Did she get stood up? Poor girl. A young woman should not be eating alone in a full restaurant. 

The same exact anxieties occured to me when I went to the movies alone, too. But I decided that was not going to stop me. If I want to enjoy a meal or a movie alone, I will damn well do so because why not! These days, we are so worried about what other people think that it prevents us from doing what we want.

So, yes. I ordered a table for one and I enjoyed the heck out of my lunch. Having a peaceful meal, despite the stares I received from others (I saw a woman whisper to her husband about me as he turned to stare), I enjoyed myself.

Never let the fear of others stop you from doing what you want to do.

What I didn’t know was that this was the beginning of me realizing my own independence and acting on it. This was the first step to being confident enough to go to the movies alone and even travel solo, like how I did in Chicago.

I challenge you to do something that scares you, and let me know how it goes in the comments below! Thank you for reading

Table for One | Why Eating Alone is Okay - The Golden Lining

Until next time,

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9 replies on “Table for One | Why Eating Alone is Okay

  1. This crosses my mind quite a lot. A few weeks ago, I went to a pizza joint by myself. I got a couple of weird looks, and for whatever reason, I also felt like i needed to rush through my meal. I don’t know if it was because I was uncomfortable or what, but I definitely want to get more confident in doing things solo!

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  2. Going to the movies alone is something I treasure! Ok, so at first it was because I was looking for a way to escape some relationship sadness. But then I realized, whoa, I can see that weird indie film I’ve been eyeing without anyone else’s groaning. Not to mention I have expanded my horizons and willingness to put myself out there because being alone is sort of a challenge. Will ya or won’tcha? I’ve found the best spots this way.

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    1. I found that too! It’s nice to just get away and be by yourself, despite what others may think. Doing this inspired me to take a solo trip in Europe (blogging about that soon). It’s scary to put yourself out there, but you learn so much about yourself when you do.

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  3. Girl yes! I have been going to the movies alone for a while now and I love it! Nobody bothers me, and its my me-time. Same with a meal. I will go to a restaurant on my lunch break at work, and I don’t always like to go to lunch with co workers and its my one hour of peace and quiet! I’m all about it!

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