6 Main Apps I Use to Plan an Adventure


It’s certainly been a while. With graduating from my university to planning the biggest solo adventure of my life (so far), things have been a little crazy. I couldn’t really blog due to the three major capstone projects I had to constantly work on, as well as planning for my trip! I came back last week, so applying for jobs and battling jet lag are my most recent struggles. Stay tuned for more info on that!

I decided it’s time to share my secrets to traveling. Many people always tell me that I travel so much and they wonder how I do it. Well, this is how I fulfill my wanderlust! Traveling is something I believe everyone should do. Go out and see this crazy world because it is so big and beautiful.

  1. Hopper

    0x0Hopper is this amazing application that helps you determine when the best time is to buy airline tickets for your trip. All you have to do is put in the city you’re flying from to the city you’re flying to and the app directs you to a calendar showing different prices ranging from the lowest to the highest. Here, you can pick the dates you want for travel. Once you do that, Hopper tells you when to book your flight and how much you can save if you wait! Set a notification and start saving money on flights with this awesome app!

  2. Skyscanner

    img_0022Skyscanner is your one-stop flight comparison tool! I use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights and the site (or handy application) sweep the airlines or travel websites for their best prices. Skyscanner is also a useful tool to compare hotel prices as well. It is actually what I used to book my bed and breakfast in Rome, which was such an adventure in itself. It was also only a ten minute walk to the Colosseum!

  3. Airbnb

    imageI’m the kind of person that doesn’t need some luxury hotel when I am out and about traveling. In fact, the reason I love Airbnb is because I can live like a local when I stay in someone’s home. Not to mention, many Airbnb homes are budget friendly, so I can spend my money on food and souvenirs instead of lodging! Lodging for my entire Europe trip is reserved through Airbnb, so I will let you know how that goes!

  4. Expedia

    image-1Expedia is an awesome tool for numerous reasons. Not only can you bundle deals, but you can also shop around for cheap flights, hotels, and activities. I mainly use Expedia for activity recommendations as well as searching for cheaper flights. The activities are a bit pricey, but those recommendations are a great place to start when planning your trip itinerary, and 9/10 you can find a deal if you keep shopping around.

  5. Scott’s Cheap Flights

    My best friend and travel guru, Jasmin, recommended Scott’s Cheap Flights to me. If finding a cheap plane ticket holds more priority than the location and time of year you’d be traveling, I think Scott’s Cheap Flights is a subscription you need to be a part of. It is a free email subscription (with the option to pay membership if you ever so incline) where you get notifications of random flight sales to exotic and far out countries. Though these deals do not apply to all airlines, airports, and cities, it’s still an awesome resource to have if you just need to get away and don’t have a preference to where.

  6. Pinterest

    u4gHczd7aPuj3CWL2wqovQ-320-80Pinterest has been a huge help when I’m planning any and every trip. Not only does it hold the secrets to getting everything to fit into your Away Carry On luggage for a three week adventure, but it also provides restaurant and activity recommendations as well as safety tips for the city you’re visiting. Everything from what to pack for the city you’re going to, to must-see landmarks and must-eat delicacies. I probably owe all of my Instagram inspo to Pinterest, to be quite honest. Here’s my Pinterest page if you would like to see some of the Pins to places I’ve gone and places I want to go!


These are the tools I use when planning a trip and they’re honestly so helpful. If you’re a budget traveler like me, I hope this post serves you well!

Until next time,

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