If you’re waiting for some kind of sign or push to take the plunge and solo travel, let this blog post be it. Traveling by yourself in this big scary world can be overwhelming for sure. It’s certainly not like going to the movies alone or enjoying lunch at a restaurant by yourself.

Covent Gardens2

When I went to London, Paris, and Barcelona, I went alone and I did that for many reasons. First and foremost, this was my graduation present from uni. I worked damn hard for that degree and I was going to enjoy whatever time I had before beginning my career in events. That actually brings me to my second reason; I just graduated and I don’t have anything holding me back in terms of jobs and whatnot, so now might be the only time I could really enjoy a trip like this. My third reason is that all my friends are stuck in their jobs. They can’t take three weeks from their job to travel with me, and I wasn’t going to wait for them.

There where too many pros that outweighed the cons, and I made the decision that was best for me. I don’t regret it one bit!

Buckingham Palace, London, UK, May 2018

When you travel alone, you can choose how exactly you want your trip to be. You can see all the museums, or go on multiple food tours. You can party from dusk ’til dawn, or just sit at a coffee shop and watch people walk by. You can ask help from the locals, or keep to yourself. You can make friends, or not. It’s YOUR trip.

The beauty of traveling solo is that you are 100% in control of the experience you want to get, and I definitely think that is an underrated quality. We all know that the world is a scary place with dangers in every dark alley or sketchy cab. With a little street smarts and your gut instinct, traveling solo is nothing to be afraid of!


Granted, it is nice to travel with a partner, family, or best friend. The memories you make with these people are ones that you can share for years to come. Vice versa, the memories you make on trips you take by yourself are those that are more intimate and special in the sense that they’re absolutely and positively yours. YOU created that memory single-handedly and it’s a strong enough experience that has the capability of morphing the person that you are.

Traveling solo is so special, and with proper research and vigilance, it is something you’ll want to do again and again! So, what’s stopping your from taking that plunge?


traveling solo.png

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