Reasons Why I Travel

When people tell me that they have no desire to travel, or that they don’t even own a passport, I just don’t get it. The world is huge and full of history that Google Earth and a textbook just can’t teach you.

With that being said, there are so many reasons to travel. Everyone can have different reasons or preferences, but these are mine:


America is a melting pot filled with people from every country, religion and background. That does not compare to the authentic cuisine you will try when you travel. Every culture seems to have their ‘staple’ dish, and going to the lengths to try that particular dish that a country or city is known for is what makes that experience ten times better. Many memories — travel memories — are created through trying a culture’s food, and I think that’s worth it.




Traveling can be a challenge in itself. Whether it be getting from Point A to Point B, or simply navigating through a country where English is not widely spoken. Speaking personally, I get a little jolt of adrenaline when I am put in a situation where I have to fend for myself or figure out how to get somewhere. That is part of the reason why I decided to travel solo. Being afraid of a challenge should not stop you from traveling. You are forced to use your wit, streets smarts and your best intuition. You are forced to interact with the locals, to ask for directions or even for recommendations. The best memories are made when you step outside of your comfort zone.



The world is incredibly old and filled with history, which is what makes it so much cooler than domestically traveling in the United States means there are so many incredible things to see and learn from Mother Earth’s past! Traveling to different countries and walking through Roman Ruins, or even the remains of Ancient Greece or Egypt, is like traveling back in time. It’s like roaming beautifully large acres of the gardens of Versailles and wondering how the French royals lived their lives all those years ago. If that doesn’t inspire you to travel… you should definitely reconsider.



You know how there are always people dancing in the streets of Barcelona? Or that sitting outside café fronts on the streets of Paris is a typical Saturday morning? The culture that we experience when we fully engulf ourselves in a country are what traveling so great! Sometimes, it’s so much better to live like a local more than anything. Take the metro. Eat the local eats at a local market. Step outside of your comfort zone and don’t do the touristy thing. You will find that you will make some pretty incredible memories, like randomly going to a free music festival sponsored by Coca-Cola in the Piazza del Popollo (more to come on that 2014 adventure).



Would you believe me if I told you I cried literal tears when I saw the Roman Colosseum or even the Notre Dam Cathedral? Well, I did. I have a bit of a thing for architecture that kinda ties in with the big thing I have for history. Pictures do not do these places justice. The best thing you can do is just soak it all in instead of trying to capture everything on your phone because photos do not compare to the real deal.




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Whatever inspires you to travel, I hope that you keep exploring this beautiful world. If you write about your travels, please drop a link to your blog below! I am always looking for new places to go to.

Until next time,

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