New Year, Better Me | Five Resolutions That Will Bring Me Happiness in 2019

Happy New Year, loves

New Year, Better Me | Five Resolutions That Will Bring Me Happiness in 2019

It’s a new year, full of hope and dreams for happiness and success. I have always loved this time of year because new beginnings are in bloom and I am as hopeful for bliss throughout my year. While new year resolutions are fantastic to start something new and fresh, they are also a recipe leading to disappointment – but not always!

Something I personally learned in 2018 is that it is never too early or late to start something new! No, that doesn’t mean I took my health and fitness goals seriously… I will in the New Year! Probably! Probably not. I actually haven’t decided on my resolutions. The last six months were a complete blur with my advancements in my career, that it was already the new year the second I blinked. Now that it is here, I feel like I am scrambling to create goals that I know I won’t really commit to and finish.

Well, here is what I am ~trying~ to accomplish in 2019:

I will tell you what every successful person has said. Start in little steps. Don’t become vegan or vegetarian over night. Instead, cut things out of your diet, little by little. Don’t plan to go to the gym once a day every single day. Instead, try twice a week, then amp it up to three or four times a week.

  1. Read
  2. Drink more water
  3. Visit new places
  4. Master hygge
  5. Get close to God


I used to be such an avid reader. I used to read so much that I read at least two grade levels above my own. I read everything from history to mystery to romance and I absolutely loved it. I think I first fell in love with books when I picked up Harry Potter as a child. All I remember was begging my mom to buy me the book when we were at Sam’s Club, and then I remember not putting it down. Like, at all. Like, I finished the book in one day.

With textbooks coming into play, I found myself not reading as much. Distractions came (thanks, Netflix) and I found myself not reading at all. Not even the news (I’m probably still not going to read the news, unless it’s on Twitter – if I can get past the memes). I would pick up a book then and again for my travels when I am not focusing on not getting lost in some random city, but I would never really finish them. Now that I have graduated, what excuse do I really have?

I decided the time was now to take reading seriously. I need to push and challenge my mind to learn new things. I need to continue to expand my knowledge through the easiest thing possible – reading. So you know what I did next? I got a library card. I marched into that library with nothing but determination on my mind and I picked up two books. I’m not easing myself into this, either. I picked up books that would help me excel professionally as a career woman, not some sappy love story. They’re due in two weeks and I’m slightly anxious. Baby steps, right?


When I say I am fed up with my drinking habits, this is what I mean. I am not drinking nearly enough water as I should be drinking. Whatever that amount is, I know for a damn fact I am not drinking it. The result? Stress, stress pimples, brittle hair and nails, headaches, and constantly feeling sick. I feel like I am literally drowning if I try to drink so much water at a time. Maybe not literally, I am probably being over dramatic. Portion control? I will give it a shot (LOL puns). But really, If I space out how I drink my water every day, that will make reaching my water consumption goal that much easier.

I also heard that the more you drink water, the more you pee, but you body will be accustomed to your water consumption that you won’t have to pee so often! Someone please confirm this because I need to know.


As you may know already, I blog mostly about my travel experiences and what I learn when I visit these incredible places. I don’t really plan on stopping now, so this is pretty much my goal every year. Last year, I had the privilege to visit Tampa, London, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam. This year, New York is first up on my list in May/June, and then hopefully London (and some romantic French City) in early November. Things are still up in the air with my career as I am locking down something more permanent, so these are my only planned trip. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments below! I am always open to taking a trip.

New Year, Better Me | Five Resolutions That Will Bring Me Happiness in 2019


Hygge (n) – hue-guh: The Danish art of living a happy life.

I recently purchased a book of 100 hygge things to do and I fully plan on accomplishing some of these tasks to really get a feel for the hygge lifestyle. It is said that if you do the things in this book, you will feel cozy and an overall inner bliss. That’s probably why Danish people are so happy. Stay tuned for this little task.


I have been distancing myself from God lately and it’s not something I’m proud of. I was raised a Christian who always went to church and who was always involved in my church community, but we all know that we make excuses when life gets busy. For a few months now, that’s what I have been doing and I know I need to change this fact.

New Year, Better Me | Five Resolutions That Will Bring Me Happiness in 2019

I am going to try to go to church at least three times a month (this gives me room to miss one Sunday if I need to for work or if I am just not feeling it (although I am trying to eliminate that as an excuse, as well). I am also going to try to read in my bible at least three times a week. That is definitely more than the zero times a week that I read the bible. To know and hone in on what I am actually reading, I am going to take notes and annotate on my iPad. I already have it all set up so it’s plug and chug from here on out. With all my spiritual change, I hope I can get back into the hang of talking to God. TBD on the amount of times per week that I will be talking to the big man upstairs.

New Year, Better Me | Five Resolutions That Will Bring Me Happiness in 2019

New years resolutions can apply a lot of pressure to your life, but if you focus on goals that will enhance and better yourself, it really isn’t that hard. With hope and determination and support from friends and family I think I will be quite successful in my journey.


New Year, Better Me | Five Resolutions That Will Bring Me Happiness in 2019

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