Falling Out and Falling Back In | Reconnecting With Distant Friends

The more we grow older, the more we understand that life just happens. People change based on who and what they’re exposed to, or our friends have different goals and ambitions than us, and that’s great! Regardless of what that change is, it could be something that comes between your relationship with that person.

Personally speaking, there have been countless times where I disconnected with friends based on geographical and/or emotional differences and it is something I later realized that we can’t really help. Being a product of our environment, we can sometimes change. Values change and next thing you know, you do not really connect with the person who you were once so close with. The opposite is also true. You may know someone as an acquaintance, and due to overlapping circumstances, you find yourself growing closer and closer to them, and they to you. You can even experience both occurrences in a relationship with a person, as I did.

Falling Out and Falling Back In | Reconnecting With Distant Friends - The Golden Lining

I’m not going to go into too much detail with my past friendships, but I can tell you a tidbit that I found helpful when evaluating the people in my life with where my life is going…

If you had ever found value in that person and/or your friendship that offered a healthy benefit to both parties, you should consider reconnecting with them.

That may be easier said than done, but after taking that first step – or leap – you will find that reconnecting is easy so long as the other person has that mutual feeling. You can easily begin by reaching out to the person and seeing how they are doing in life. Not only do people love talking about themselves, but you should definitely take interest in what is going on in this person’s life if you want to reconnect with them. Sometimes the person you want to reconnect with doesn’t want to reconnect with you. Honestly, it sucks, but that’s okay! It goes to show that values can be so different that there is not really a need to rekindle that relationship. If friend circles overlap, be civil with this person (duh). The best thing about picking and choosing your friends is just that; you have full and total control of who you choose to be in your circle. Well, so do they and c’est la vie.

Falling Out and Falling Back In | Reconnecting With Distant Friends - The Golden Lining

The best thing you can do is try. I can vouch for this simple method because I did and I was able to fix a lot of friendships that way. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong – even if you did, you should at least try to reconnect with old friends. Life is way too short!

I hope this post resonated with you. It took me quite some time to get to where I am today, but I am so happy that I am here to tell you all about it.

Falling Out and Falling Back In | Reconnecting With Distant Friends - The Golden Lining

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