The dreaded job hunt. Whether you are moving up, moving forward, or just moving in general, the job hunt is inevitable and it is not easy. College grads are facing it, entry level employees are facing it and it is not easy. You are constantly having to jump through hoops and after those hoops, you’re jumping through more hoops.

Keeping Motivated & Organized Through Your Job Search + FREEBIE | The Golden Lining

According to this source, for recent college grads like myself, it takes takes about six months (depending on your field and the current economic conditions) to find a job. I personally found, through my friends and my own experience, it takes anywhere from seven months to a year to find a job within your career of choice. The way I saw it, that is seven months to a year without stable income, which isn’t easy for the majority of us.

After graduation, I traveled to Europe by myself for three weeks (London, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam). When I returned, it was full steam ahead for landing that job and I was determined to find a permanent position within my field in under a year. Easier said than done, of course, because my plan didn’t really plan out that way. Thankfully, an opportunity came up where I was able to do what I’ve always wanted to do in the event industry (thanks, Caroline, for going on maternity leave!). Yes, the position was temporary, but the amount of experience I gained in my career field and the connections I’ve made are immeasurable.

Keeping Motivated & Organized Through Your Job Search + FREEBIE | The Golden Lining

As much as I loved doing what I felt I was made to do, I knew that my time in this position was only temporary. During the last few months, I applied through jobs like my financial future depended on it (because in reality, it absolutely did). About 100 applications in, one unsuccessful interview, countless phone calls of how the company is only conducting “in-person interviews.” I had to put a hold on my spending, especially travel expenses, simply because I knew that a position is not permanent without a signed job offer. I was starting to lose hope, especially after I realized that my plan wasn’t going to pan out.

The point is, it was tough being in that spot and it was hard to deal. BUT if you have faith in your craft and you stay positive, you WILL find that job. I didn’t believe it, to be honest. All of my friends said that the perfect job will come, but the amount of rejections I received made me think otherwise.

Your motivation and determination has to be rooted deep within yourself because it is not easy finding that dream job. In the meantime, enjoy what free time you have because I thought my job search was going to take a lot longer post-interim job. What really helped me stay organized was this spreadsheet I made that helped me track all the jobs I was applying for.

Luckily for you, I’ve included this spreadsheet for you so you can stay as organized as possible during your job hunt. They say candidates who apply for at least 20 jobs every day are guaranteed to get a call back. I’m not a math genius but that is a hell of a lot of jobs to keep track of. What if Sandra from XYZ company calls you and you don’t recall off the top of your head what job you even applied for? This freebie will literally be a life saver during your search.

Keeping Motivated & Organized Through Your Job Search + FREEBIE | The Golden Lining

Simply click the ‘Download’ button below for your freebie! If you know how to use excel, that is fantastic because 1. it is a great skill to have as a professional, and 2. formulas help keep this freebie organized! If you have any questions on how to use this freebie, please comment below or head over to my Contact page with any questions or comment you may have! Basically, the formulas stay the same, the only thing you should be changing are the column letters and/or row numbers.

Keeping Motivated & Organized Through Your Job Search + FREEBIE | The Golden Lining

How you do stay motivated during your job search? Share your tips below!

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