2019 | Half-A-Year in Review

Wow, has it been a minute since I wrote my last blog post.

I had goals and resolutions and yada yada to write more in 2019, but so much has happened within the last few months that totally derailed me from those goals and that’s okay. So often we beat ourselves up for making plans and not following through, but we shouldn’t. We should embrace putting ourselves first, first and foremost, and thank everyone else for their patience.

So, thank you for your patience.

Here’s a little recap of what’s been going on:


I’m starting off in February because it was the last time I really posted anything (i.e. The Crystals Series that was just one post because… That’s when I stopped writing). During the last two weeks of January (I know I’m back-tracking, stay with me) I got a new job in a new industry in the company I was already working for. While that may have been exciting, it was not what I needed in my career. I needed to be challenged and honestly, I wasn’t even being taken seriously at this job. Well, one week in, my good friend’s old director reached out to me about a job I had previously applied for, but didn’t get. There was an opening and let’s just say the offer was really really good. I had a decision to make.

Let’s compare the facts:

Been with this company for 2.5+ yearsA new work environment with real growth opportunity
An industry I had always wanted to work inWhat I went to school for and what I know how to do
Not the best pay for my experience$4 increase in pay than what I was being paid at current
Part-time, no benefitsFull-time with benefits

Some people would say, based on my comparisons (legitimate comparisons – this is exactly what was going through my mind) that it would be an absolute no brainer. Take the higher pay + full-time. At the time, my mind and my heart were torn. I was literally in tears over this. To this day, this is the hardest decision I ever had to make and I had to make it two weeks into a job I just started working.

After thinking long and hard about my decision, I called my friend’s old director and I accepted the position. I did, however, decide to not say anything to the current job until I had passed drug and background (obviously a given, but I wanted to make sure that there weren’t any hiccups). On week three of the current, I received a phone call asking me to come in for orientation. I had gotten the job and I haven’t put in my two-weeks notice, yet. Yay! But also, CRAP because I should probably mention to management that I accepted a full-time gig with a competitor.

This company does not take its competition lightly. Putting in two-weeks, for whatever reason especially if you are accepting a position with a competitor, means a few things:

  1. You aren’t really putting in two-weeks notice because the second you mention its your two weeks is the second you hear “Well in that case, today can be your last day.” They aren’t firing you (way to avoid paying unemployment costs) and you’re not exactly quitting..
  2. You get walked off-property by security so that you aren’t taking pertinent and confidential information, resources, etcetera anywhere else.

SO, three weeks into this job and I no longer had that job. Fun stuff. Great times. I did learn a helluvalot about that particular industry and what I value the most in a job and the people I work with. Simultaneously, I was not unemployed considering I passed drug and background for my new job, and what an adventure that would end up being.


March was a complete blur. Thinking back, I’m almost wondering if March event happened. There were weddings and bad dates, new friendships were made and old ones rekindled, Hannah’s season of the Bachelorette began and BOY oh BOY is it a steamy one (6 men left and I hope Pilot Pete doesn’t win so I can have 0.000001% of a chance with him). Take a look at some of these photos I had to reference to recall what I did during the month of March 2019.


April consisted of a few firsts that I never would have thought I would have partaken in. Meal planning six meals per day, working out almost every day while juggling work and a social life, my cousin’s beach house, my first event ever at my new job and so much more. The working out and eating healthy bit was something that was and still is to this day a challenge for me. Come to realize now, present day, that my body just isn’t cut out and doesn’t obey to the caloric deficits I put myself through (fitness junkies, it’s slightly more complicated than you and I seem to understand) but more on that later. Oh, and let’s not forget Game of Thrones. Actually, maybe we should. NEXT!


May was an exciting month when it came to my relationships. I grew closer with my coworkers; we all took a hike together at Red Rock – Ice Box Canyon. Thanks to the rain a few nights prior, we saw a pretty cool waterfall. You can just call me Pocahontas as I am now one with nature. Fast forward a few weeks to an office bonding experience, axe throwing at Axe Heads, which I am surprisingly not terrible at. Ari put on an amazing performance at T-Mobile Arena, but that is to be expected from the queen we stan. Then finally, experiencing one of the movies I had been dying to see with my family and friends, Aladdin, where Mena Massoud (a fellow Egyptian), Naomi Watts and Will Smith gave an amazing performance to one of my favorite childhood movies! I legit cried multiple times to Zayn Malik’s version of “A Whole New World.” It is so beautiful how he pours his heart into that song. Don’t at me.

AND THEN THERE’S MY NEW YORK (and brooklyn for a night) TRIP. Well that was a complete mess that you can indulge in here. (<— hyperlink to come, please bear with me)


I know I’m not the only one who agrees that we all kinda blinked and June flew right on by. I realized then it was a terrible idea to take days off a week before my very first slot tournament, which happened to be the biggest one of the year – won’t make that mistake again. I guess that means I should say good-bye to November travels. Way too close to NYE (event planner problems…). I watched S1 & S2 of Stranger Things in preparation for S3. Okay, those who know me know that I legit watched those seasons three times this month because Billy Hargrove x Dacre Montgomery is a total babe and we stan a hot bad guy. June is also the month I said “stan” a lot as well as the month I hit the “woah” a lot… and shaka’d… I’m 25 and trying to keep with the times. Let’s not forget my first time at a day club.

Exhibit A:

The Golden Lining - 2019 | Half-A-Year in Review 16

May I recommend dressing in renaissance attire to see Tournament of Kings at Excalibur and drinking your ass off, and not so much the grand idea of riding the New York New York rollercoaster shortly after? What you see is me feeling fine and dandy prior to the ride and then the vomit I held in my mouth the duration of the ride. Let’s appreciate my strength for holding it in that entire time and not making a mess on ANYONE. YOU ARE ALL WELCOME.

why am i like this


I hope you enjoyed my recap as much as I enjoyed exposing the mess that is my life. Let’s do this again soon! I hope to be posting about my trip to NYC within the next two weeks (between editing photos) and a video… eventually.

In the meantime, check out my first YouTube video! Feel free to subscribe and leave some feedback on what you’d like to see on the blog in the future!

Until next time,

The Golden Lining

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The Golden Lining - 2019 | Half-A-Year in Review