My Long Distance Best Friend

I recently said “see you soon” to my long distance best friend as it was the last time I would be seeing her until (approximately) April 2020 for when we explore Italy together. She had moved to London for a year while she lives her dream and earns her masters degree doing what she loves (she inspires me if ya haven’t noticed!).

The Golden Lining | My Long Distance Best Friend

To my frequent readers, you have seen Jasmin in many of my posts including this one, this one and this one. If you are new to The Golden Lining, Jasmin is my long-time best friend, cheetah sister and zodiac mate. Jas and I met in high school in Student Council when I was a sophomore and she was a junior. Through our ever-active social group, we got to know each other and worked together on so many projects together. We gained an understanding of each other and felt the same about so many things. The best part was laughing together.. At ourselves and each other (for those that know, Student Council Retreat in Ponderosa Ranch, Utah). Keep reading to learn more about our friendship.

This isn’t the first time we have been apart, we have actually been a part for most of our friendship. After high school, Jasmin (owner of Dressed In Black), moved to Sunny San Diego to earn her Bachelor’s Degree at her parents’ alma mater. In the meantime, I stayed in Las Vegas to finish my high school degree and start uni at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In a lot of ways during that time, we grew apart. In many other ways, we grew together and our friendship grew so strong. As they say, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” And fonder our hearts grew. Any time together, whether speaking over the phone or in person, was spent catching up and celebrating each other’s lives and accomplishments.

Having a long distance best friend isn’t easy, but it made all of our connections that much more meaningful. Our friendship can be unique because of the distance, but we pretty much go back to our old, goofy selves when we reunite. It’s like picking up where we last left off. One of the ways we stayed connected with each other was when we wrote letters to each other and we were constantly visiting each other. My favorite way to keep in touch were the many trips we took together: San Francisco, Coachella Valley, Portland, the many times we went to Disneyland and Universal Studios, Rome, parts of Greece and soon all of Italy.

At the end of the day, maintaining friendships as an adult is hard enough. Doing that long distance is just as tough, but if both parties commit and are understanding of each other, the friendship will indeed go that distance. Despite the different schedules, time zones and even, at times, hemispheres, friends – even best friends – should make a point to make time for each other every now and then to keep in touch. FaceTime is an amazing way to stay connected once a week or so.

How do you keep in touch with your friends?

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