20 Manifestations for 2020

I am a firm believer that constantly reinventing yourself and learning new skills is the best way to challenge yourself to become a better you. I didn’t have the chance to goalset for the new year between jetsetting in New York and planning for one of the biggest events of my career so far, so I hope it isn’t too late for this post! It’s the third week of the new year, but I think I have my manifestations, the little prayers I’m saying to God are worth the share with all of you.

  1. Budget now for tomorrow
  2. Don’t stress the small stuff
  3. Lock down the skincare routine
  4. Collaborate more
  5. Learn something new and fun
  6. Say ‘yes’ to the things that scare me
  7. Read more, read often
  8. Write more, write often
  9. Decipher between wants and needs
  10. Exercise regularly
  11. Act now, not later
  12. Drink more water
  13. Lots of cheese & dessert boards
  14. Meditate
  15. Visit somewhere new
  16. Contribute more, live for more than yourself
  17. Strengthen my faith and my relationship with God
  18. Travel somewhere new
  19. Put myself out there and make some friends
  20. Stand up for myself more. If I don’t like something, change it.