20/20 Vision | Seeing Clearly Now Than Ever Before

My, how time has flown since I’ve last written in my blog. You can thank that to the lack of motivation the Coronavirus pandemic has given me. So much has changed, but at least my “resolutions” are still standing to be true. Let me give you a brief recap in what has been going on in my life since January:

  • Became a plant mom
  • Thought I was in love again (LOL)
  • Major room renovation
  • Newly found, still a work in progress, peace of mind
  • Thousands of dollars more debt-free than I was in the beginning of this year
  • Determining what to give a f*** about and what to let go

Slow and steady growth, but growth nonetheless. It feels like 2020, an iconic number especially in all of our lives right now, is a nightmare of a year. Something new is presented each month that defines furthermore what a “terrible” year this is. While it definitely is a year for the books (history books… They’re going to be thicker than ever after this year), I feel like it has brought a kind of wisdom that would not have been found had it not been for all the turmoil faced this year.

What is 20/20 vision? Technically it means that you were granted with the gift of seeing clearly the moment you open your pretty little eyes after a good night’s sleep. Some of us are not so lucky… What I mean when we are seeing clearly due to 20/20 vision is that so much is coming to light now than ever before. Celebrities are being outed through conspiracy theories, some true and some debunked. Politicians globally are being seen for the monsters that they really are. People are taking a stand against toxic masculinity, racism, femicide, sex trafficking, and so much more. All within the first seven months of this year. It could just be a coincidence, but the irony of life is finding meaning behind subtlety, and this year is screaming for change.

The Golden Lining

I thought for a moment that maybe I’m “woke” now because I am older and paying more attention to the world and what a dark place it can really be. I don’t think that’s the case, though. I don’t think that myself and my peers were so oblivious to these terrible things happening around us. Why is it that I am learning so much of what’s happening in the world? I hardly watch the news and I definitely don’t get my news and knowledge from Facebook, so what gives? Twitter. That’s what gives. The beauty of this particular social media is that you see things that are happening in the world in real time with little to no censoring. Twitter is how I found out I was in the middle of a shooting when Route 91 was happening. Twitter is how I found out about corrupt leaders and celebrity influences in society. While a lot of the content on Twitter may or may not be true, you can’t help but wonder why journalists aren’t uncovering the truth with their major media platform. Yeah… Woke.

I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of media and politics, but I will leave you with this… The world is full of little rabbit holes you can fall into. The other end is an ocean of knowledge you won’t be able to comprehend. This year is hard, and if you’ve learned what I learned, you’d be emotionally drained, too. We are more than halfway to 2021, but just because the year changes does not mean our world will. Be kind to yourself and others.

Until next time,