Quarantine Summed Up

As sporadic as my posting can be, thanks for sticking around! I’m taking the time, the time I have set aside for myself because we know how important that is, to do a little photo dump and recap of what the last year has been for me. Between the Coronavirus pandemic and getting back to (some) normalcy, I didn’t really have the energy or motivation to share much of anything about my life. I mean, the three Instagram posts are quite telling of that alone.

With ZERO context, it seems like an incredibly weird year. It was certainly a year that I enjoyed the stillness of life surrounded by my family. I got creative and indulged in a few crafts and hobbies, and towards the end of the year I really dove into my inner self via therapy and self care. The time I spent with my family and connecting with my loved ones online is something I’m so grateful for and God knows how much the rest was much needed.

Hopefully we can all get back to normalcy in a post-pandemic world. Until then, double-mask up, vaccinate, and stay safe.