Goodbye West Coast

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It’s finally time that I say my good-byes to the coast that raised me to pursue a new chapter in my life on the east coast – New York, New York. It would not be a proper farewell to the city that raised me without recognizing what exactly I am leaving. Since it’s not easy for me to say goodbye, using my words here comes in handy.

I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Las Vegas, and while the desert has never really felt like home, home is what I’m leaving. I have tons of family in LA, my best friend in San Diego, and my immediate family in Vegas, and I’m leaving them all behind to move to a city where I can count the people I know on one hand. Since I’m the type that gets incredibly homesick, this decision did not come lightly, and it’s the toughest one I’ve ever had to make.

My family is a huge part of me. Not my identity, but my entire heart.

Seeing as I’ve never left the nest, moving at this point in my life 3,000 miles away isn’t a “baby-step;” this is commitment, but the move is something that I knew wouldn’t happen if I didn’t do it now. Risking stagnant comfortability that most people succumb to on the west coast, this decision is the only one that feels right and makes sense at this point in my life. The risk is worth the reward, and all roads point to NYC!

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For those of you that really know me, you’re probably thinking to yourselves “it’s about damn time”, and for those of you who are wondering how, when, and why? Well, I understand the confusion. I’ve never really talked about New York on here, so here’s a brief brief history.

  • June 2019, Governor’s Ball Music Festival, Governor’s Island, Manhattan, NY

    Over the summer, I visited New York City for the first time with some friends for the Gov Ball Music Festival. We stayed in the Marriott on Lexington and spent nearly every day at the festival, weather permitting (the storms were in full force on our last day). I didn’t really get to experience the local side of the city, and to be honest, there wasn’t enough time to experience most of the tourist side, either. Regardless, the memories I made on that trip are ones that are so dear to me, and I knew I had to be back for more than just a taste.

  • December 2019, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

    I didn’t think I would be back so soon when the opportunity to visit this mesmerizing city came up! This semi-solo adventure was the most spontaneous trip I had taken yet. I was casually scrolling through flight rates when I found unbeatable round-trip tickets to the city during Christmastime and next thing I know, I’m plugging in my credit card information into United’s website and scrolling for a single bedroom on Airbnb in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I don’t know if it was the living like a local or the sparkly Christmas lights that decorated the city (let’s be honest, it was both), but I knew I had to make NY happen for me in the longterm.

Of course, the current state of the world with the pandemic putting everyone’s life on hold really made me play it safe by staying at home, but even that was something I was grateful for. Going back to work, however, made me rethink my game-plan. I thought, who in their right mind would leave a well-paying job for over-populated New York City in the middle of a panini press? So, I reluctantly stayed. A few months down the line and this well-paying job became more and more undesirable and my mental and physical health took a severe decline, I thought, since I didn’t really have much to lose by trying to make my dream of becoming a New Yorker come true, what the hell? After all, I’m a firm believer that you are the only person getting in the way of your own happiness. It took me over a year to realize that obvious tidbit.

Between downsizing my life into my Away luggage and stressing out about some last-minute housekeeping details, this dream is becoming a reality. I’ve already sorted out the hard parts like where am I going to live and how am I going to get there (thank God for travel credits/points!), all that’s left is to pack up and go! I am definitely anxious for such a life-defining move, and it is definitely a bittersweet feeling saying goodbye, but this is something I feel like I’ve been waiting for forever and it is just what I need to add a little ✨spice✨.