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The Golden Lining | About

The Golden Lining | About


My name is Diana. I am a lover of travel, food, life and the content creator and owner of this blog.

The Golden Lining is mainly about my adventures and interests as a 20-something year old. As I embark in my career as an event planner, I experience tons of new things in this chapter of my life.

The Golden Lining | About

The Golden Lining is about my adventures through traveling and trying new fads and food. It is about me finding my way through daily struggles. Plus, gold is more my thing than silver, hence the name golden.

I am currently writing from Sin City Las Vegas, Nevada, but I am loving each new place I venture to, so who knows how long I’ll stay here. Through my most recent travels to Europe, I have decided big cities/beaches are necessary for me to live my happiest and best life.

I hope you stick around and find something you like here!

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