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The Golden Lining | About

The Golden Lining | About


Welcome to The Golden Lining! My name is Diana and in this corner of the internet, you can read all about my experience with travel, life and fashion.

The Golden Lining is mainly about my adventures and interests as a 20-something year old. As I continue dominating my career as an event planner and New York City’s newest resident, I’ll be updating you on all the tea.

The Golden Lining | About

The Golden Lining is about my adventures through traveling and trying new fads, fashion and food. It is about me finding my way through daily struggles. Plus, gold is more my thing than silver, hence the nameĀ golden.

As I explore my new home, New York, stay tuned for all the fun things I’m bound to experience and discover.

I hope you stick around and find something you like here!

For PR, business and collaboration inquiries, please email thegoldenlining@outlook.com.

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